Warragundi Pastoral 2022

annual production sale

Thursday, 18th August 2022
30 Poll Hereford Sires
Inspections 9:30am | Sale Commences 1:00pm

Sale Introduction with PJ Budler
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2022 SALE

Polled: Here is a front paddock sire to start our sale. Bred on the same cross as Minnesota out of a high milking Otapawa Spark cow who has another exceptional bull calf at foot by Ravensdale Hotwire. This is a high quality sire with tremendous volume, softness , deep sided and with exceptional skin and hair.

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Homozygous Polled: A picture perfect K220 son. Rancher has a top 5% EMA and was the highest scanning IMF bull of our draft. The dam is an emerging star and her sire Galileo (Minlacowie Xcitment) progeny are excelling in MSA Marbling scores. Check out the eye set on this bull and the desired skin and hair. As much thickness, style and sire appeal as you would find in the breed. Will be used over a group of 24 cows prior to the sale and semen is being collected for in herd use only.

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Homozygous Polled: An eye catching L027 son with top 5% EMA. The picture says it all. A high performance carcase bull with strong supporting data. The dam is an ET daughter of our D11 Joybelle family. These are exceptional mothers.

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Homozygous Polled: The dam is a high milking high marbling Yalgoo Jet daughter . Jet has left us outstanding matrons with loads of milk and perfect udders. This bull is very complete, thick, super topped with the quietest disposition you could imagine.

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Homozygous Polled: A large upstanding son of L027 that is very hard to fault. Is consistently getting three ticks from visitors. His dam is a beautifully conformed cow (Days Wizard F5) which is where he gets the power and thickness.

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Homozygous Polled: Stacked with eye appeal, cosmetics, structure, volume, carcase. This bull will throw some thump into his progeny.

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Heterozygous Polled: One of our very strongest female families to the fore with this bull. Grand dam Rhoda is in the flush program this year. R025 is a very attractive large strong sire that we used over stud cows last November.

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Heterozygous Polled: Johnny Reb son. Alex’s pick bull of the draft. Looking past the extra white he has on him he is a very powerful bull with extra length, depth and a very strong thick topline. Topped off with a very nice temperament.

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Scurred: Very smart bull out of a dam by Eden out of the super consistent G4 another Xcitement female that was very successful in the show ring and at stud. Very attractive sire that will produce high milking females.

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Scurred: Spring Drop: A really attractive October calf. Front paddock sire with a super top line and tremendous balance and depth of hindquarter. Out of a very high performance Markowen female. Top 10% EMA.

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Homozygous Polled: Named Rambo for a very good reason. Bred on the same cross as Minnesota out of an Otapawa Spark cow. By Minneapolis who we sold to Hollow Point Herefords in Tasmania. This is a powerhouse of a bull with tremendous conformation and presence.

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Polled: Out of a super consistent cow H169 that we purchased at the Sevenbardot dispersal. Half brother sold for $11000 in last years sale. Dark haired bull moderate in size with that trademark L027 Carcase.

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Polled: Probably the largest and strongest sire in our catalogue. By Minnesota so no surprise. Very well balanced with impeccable conformation. He will put quality and substance into his progeny.

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Polled: Spring Drop: A very attractive Spring drop calf that had a tough start in losing his mother. He has powered on since then and has developed well. Strong sirey head with perfect eye set and pigmentation. Straight and strong through the top line. Very tidy sire.

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Heterozygous Polled: A $40,000 purchase out of the Injemira herd. Only being offered as we now have lots of this blood throughout the herd. He has taken us to the next level. Plenty of work left in him. He has been a great bull for us and has left us with great females and great bulls. He throws his type with good cosmetics, structure and power and his performance data has stood the test of time. He sired the top selling bull last year and just take a look at lots 3, 5, 6, 7, 8 to mention a few.

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